Sumkui (pronounced "Some Guy") and I are both getting pudgy in our old age. (It looks better on him.)
Smudge likes being an old lady's pampered pet.
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Smudge got hurt last year while my husband and son #1 were in Hawaii (which is why I stay home). The vet thought he might have been side-swiped by a car. She was able to save his eye, but he lost his vision in that eye. The poor guy has a heck of a time judging
distances now, and he wasn't that graceful before the accident.
Blackie and her husband were dumped off  here, and I didn't know they were mine until I found the 4 six-week-old kittens in the garage.  We had to empty the entire garage in order to catch the almost-wild kittens. Garbo got away (her daddy took care of her out in the woodpile), but we caught Sweet Pea, Dickens and Shay (who is still pretty wild). The coyotes got Dickens.  He was a darling, funny cat who was an all-black long hair.
Garbo (she wants to be alone)-we couldn't catch her until she had 4 kittens. I feed her in an open cat cage for 8 weeks while she took care of her kittens (Smudge, Rascal, Puff, and Rouge) and slammed the cage shut when the kittens were 8 weeks old so we could get her fixed. I got to pet her a few weeks ago for the first time.
Sweet Pea (Peter calls her "Screamer" because of the noise she made when we caught her). She will let me pet her once in a while, but she mostly stays outdoors.
Puff hates to have her picture taken. One flash shot and she is out of there, and I hate to scare her out of her house. It's better to try to take her pic outdoors. (Her uncle Dickens looked just like her except he had no white on him at all).
Sumkui says "Not again!"
An assortment of Smudge - notice his bad eye.
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Rouge (Garbo's kitten)
Smudge likes to lounge in the sink while I take my bath.