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BIG SENIOR PICTURE (about May 1953)
The picture had to be separated into several parts. When I was able, I over-lapped the divisions.
(To capture a picture, right-click it and save.)
Below are parts of the picture with numbers assigned.
Missing pictures for numbers 19-31 in back row, plus other rows below them-
Missing pictures for numbers 39-44 and the rows beneath them
Missing pictures for numbers 60-62 and the rows beneath them
Thanks to Pat Vierra Mitchell, Lovice Chisam Mackay, Cynthia Johnson Foster and other members of the 50th reunion committee for providing the new undamaged copy of the picture and for identifying most of the students (with a lot of help from their friends).
Need names for numbers 71, 72, 137
Need names for 79-83  I think 81 is Lyle Batchman and 82 is Howard Lotze.
Need names for 34, 35, 100
Need names for 115, 116
Need names for 53, 56, 116, 120, 122, 232, 254, 256
Need names for 131, 134, 135, 193
(Here is a less clear picture of 15-28)
Here is a less clear pic of people 27-33
Here is a less clear pic of people 38-50
Here is a less clear pic of people 56-68
Numbered pics are farther below.
Picture 1
The names are listed at the end of the pictures. Scroll below.
Picture 2 (Names below)
Picture 3 (Names way below)
Picture 4
Picture 5 (Names below)
Picture 6 (Names below)
Picture 7 (Names below)
Picture 8 (Names below)
Picture 9 (Names below)
Picture 10 (Names below)
The names for picture 4 are up by the picture.
I didn't want to reduce the size of the pictures so the names had to be put here.
I know it looks as if I could put the names at the sides of all the pictures, but the editor I am using won't give me the full width of the screen for some reason. I am trying to find out how to use more of the screen area.
If you know any missing names (or if a name is wrong), please email me at CVANHORN@PACBELL.NET
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