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How many kids do you recognize?
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Picture courtesy of Jack Woods
Top:  Edgar Strickland, Bill Cunningham, Clifford Jennings, Jerry Grunwald, Dick Foster, Donna Jane ?, Jacqueline ?, David White, Kay Koontz
Nancy Wallace, Connie Stafford, Don (Jake) Jacobsen, Lin Sitton, Jack Woods, Earlene Skelton, Peggy Hart, Donna Chambers, Janet Kerridge
(Somebody has to help me with these names.)
JoAnn Stone, LaVonne Foss, Shirley McFarland, Lois Kinietz, Howard Elliott, Don Ingraham, Ray Garner, Howard Lotze, Charles Bronson
Miss Stearns                                                                                                                Marlene Anson
Thanks, Don Ingraham, for your help with these names.

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Picture below taken at the 2004 FUHS Pow Wow luncheon, March of 2004
Front: Earlene Skelton Boyd, Pat Vierra Mitchell, Birdie Wolfe Rice, Jack Woods
Back:                              Jimmy Collins, Connie Stafford Van Horn, Dick Foster