Fullerton Union High School Pow Wow 2004
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Garden Grove, CA

March 13, 2004
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You can capture any picture that you want by RIGHT-clicking on the picture and saving it on your hardware.  If anything happens to me (and I think I'm lucky to have lasted this long), this site will be gone.
Donna Butler snaps Shirley McFarland Tardie, Roger Butler and me, Connie Stafford Van Horn as we girls arrive at the luncheon. (Donna has become the unofficial class photographer and we thank her.)
We got Roger to take a picture of Donna (who rarely gets her picture taken) with me and Anita Mills Johnson.
I finally get my camera out and get a rare picture of Donna and Roger Butler together.
Donna gets several pictures of people arriving that I didn't get in the main room later. (I learned that it is easier to get someone's picture as he walks in the door than it is when we all go into the main room and run around.)
Connie, Anita Mills Johnson, Lois Putman Givens
Lovice Chisam MacKay, Lynn Stafford Cook and Karen Coltrane Winter
Jack Woods, Roger Butler, Gene Rosen and Lynn Stafford Cook
Lynn Stafford Cook, Don Ingraham and wife
Donna likes to always get a shot of "The Stafford Girls".
Sandy Becktold Bates and husband
Danny Doss and Roger
I took most of the pictures inside the main room so don't blame Donna. If I didn't get a picture of you, please send me one to include.
Bob Proud '52, Nancy Antle Proud and Dorothy Dukes Burkhart
Rosie Bagby Houghton, husband Ed and Earlene Skelton Boyd
Dorothy Dukes Burkhart, Shirley Blose Hackathorn and husband
Nancy Brumley Helser and Charlie Hass
Jo Fletcher Hodson, Sue Burns Boyd, Rosie Bagby Houghton, Ellen Wright Rowe, and Shirley Foster Hass
Jimmy Collins and Richard "Bug" Hodson
Dorothy Dukes Burkhart, Cynthia Johnson Foster and Shirley Blose Hackathorn
Jo Fletcher Hodson, Connie Stafford Van Horn, Shirley Foster Hass
Dick Foster, Rosie Bagby Houghton, Shirley Foster Hass
Shirley Foster Hass, Charlie Hass, Cynthia Johnson Foster, Ellen Wright Rowe, Jo Fletcher Hodson
Charlie Hass, Rosie Bagby Houghton, Pat Vierra Mitchell and Shirley Foster Hass
Hugh Hill and Dave Walters
Don Ingraham, Theo Dwinell and Shirley McFarland Tardie
Cynthia Johnson Foster, Dave Walters, Janet Ray Bridgford, Allan Bridgford and Roger Butler
Cynthia Johnson Foster, Janet Ray Bridgford, Earlene Skelton Boyd, Ellen Wright Rowe  and Anita Mills Johnson
Gene (Jones) Matthews and Tracey Mitchell Krause (Pat Vierra Mitchell's daughter who always helps at the Pow Wow)
Gene Matthews and Ellen Wright Rowe
Shirley McFarland and I don't know yet
Anita Mills Johnson and husband Courtland
Paul Neja and wife
Denny Proud and wife
Earlene Skelton Boyd, Pat Vierra Mitchell, Tracey
Connie Stafford Van Horn, Shirley Foster Hass, Ellen Wright Rowe and Jo Fletcher Hodson
Dave Walters and fiancee-Congratulations!
Ellen Wright Rowe and Shirley Foster Hass
And here's a historical keepsake- some of The 1947 Ford Elementary School grads
Front: Earlene Skelton Boyd, Pat Vierra Mitchell, Birdie Wolfe Rice, Jack Woods
Back: Jimmy Collins, Connie Stafford Van Horn,Dick Foster
(Shirley McFarland Tardy  didn't hear the announcement for the picture.)
If you go to one of these banquets, the food is delicious, but guard your plate. While we were gone from our table to get this picture taken, the waiters took Dick's cake and almost my entire dinner (because I am a very slow eater).
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