Chris and Meredith's Twin Girls
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Rebecca Morgan Van Horn  (about 4 lbs)
born 9/7/2001 (5 minutes before her identical twin)
Chris and Rebecca (Becca)
Sarah Corrin Van Horn
(identical twin #2)
(a little smaller and less hair)
(Corrin pronounced like "You left the core in the apple" but put the accent on the "in".)
Sarah Corrin again
2 days old and together again
2 days old-  I think we'll see some pictures of Mama when the kids get home at the end of the week.
(Let's hope she's getting some sleep because I don't think there's going to be much sleeping going on this next year.)
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Born September 7, 2001:
Rebecca  4 lb, 6 oz    18.5 inches
Sarah        3 lb, 12 oz  about 18 inches
Chris, Meredith and the girls
Meredith and the twins
Rebecca and Sarah (or vice versa) Oct 5, 2001
Big sister Louise and the twins- Oct 7, 2001
Egad- they're trying to get away!
Louise and "Becca"
All dressed up and too tired to care-
Louise, Chris, Meredith and twins

Wedding Day in Phoenix, AZ
I have seen this little pouty face before- about 35 years ago.
Meredith and Rebecca - 11/3/01
Chris and Rebecca
Chris and Sarah
Uncle Peter and Rebecca
Rebecca (with Chris) and Sarah  Nov 10, 2001

Rebecca will chew on anything- is the foot next?
Is Sarah trying to learn to clap or just feeling her nice soft skin?
January 3, 2002
Meredith, Louise, Chris, Sarah, Rebecca
Sarah, Louise, Rebecca
You always have to show a sleeping picture because the parents never remember such a thing.
I'm not too sure about this new development.
I sure wish these adults could be a little neater with all this.
And 2 sleeping babies is even more unbelievable.
First Birthday Party- November 2002
Meredith and her dad and the newest Arizona Sun Devil.
Grandpa Van Horn and Sarah
You don't have to be crazy to raise twins, but it helps.
Sarah with her favorite birthday gift. They had to go to Toys R Us and get Rebecca one too.
Rebecca And Sarah 10months
I think this is Rebecca.
I think this is Sarah.
(I was told I guessed right.)
Lunch in Pasadena (where Louise lives and where Susan and Rachel had participated in the Run for Cancer race)- Meredith's parents were taking care of the twins for several weeks while Chris and Meredith were getting ready to move to the Chicago area.
Grandma Fanelli, Aunt Rachel, Louise, Grandpa Fanelli and the twins (Nov 2002)
Uncle Peter, Grandma and Grandpa Van Horn, Louise and the twins
The Van Horn girls  (Louise, 12 and the twins about 14 months)
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