Connie Stafford Van Horn and Earlene Skelton Boyd
Pat Vierra Mitchell and Earlene
Earlene, Mary Ann Bauerlein Kraemer, Don Kraemer and Rosie Bagby Houghton
Shirley Foster Hass, Ed and Rosie Houghton, Charlie Hass
Pat Amend Barker, Lois Putman Givens, Rosie
Shirley McFarland Tardie and Lois
Gene Rosen, Gene Jones and Earl Gibson
Lovice Chisam Mackay, Pat, Danny Doss and Nancy Antle Proud
Bill and Carolyn Cunningham
Beverly Rosen and Sam McGaughy
Art and Judy Schade
Richard Hodson, Art, Ted Sullivan
Art, Earl and Betsy Sullivan
Denny Proud
Jack Woods (also attending a motorcycle convention this same day)
Shirley McFarland, JoAn Stone Shepherd in front
Marlene Rogers, Pat , Karen Coltrane Winter in back
Earl Gibson and Shirley Foster Hass
Shirley McConaughy Ranabauer and husband
At Pat Vierra Mitchell's Saturday night party:
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Best shot of me ever. (Thank you, Earl, for this wonderful idea. Where were you when I was getting my picture taken with Richard Davies?)
Ron Packard '54 and Glenn Miller? '54
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Danny Doss
Georgia Rhoads Ware '58, Earlene, Ramona (Monie) Younger  Canaday '54
Standing:         Walter Caplinger '52, Sibil Younger Dittberner '57 , Seated:             Sherry Woods Caplinger '54, Leta Jolly Walker '54
Duane Boyd '54, Laura Lee Bowie Wiggins '51
The Stafford girls- no, we are not related that we know.
Richard Davies '54
(I was NOT drinking.)
Anne Jolley Steele '54, Duane Boyd '54
Wayne Collins '55
(Cheryl Collins' brother)
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