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10th Reunion (1963)
Fullerton Elks Club
20th Reunion (1973)
Grand Hotel, Anaheim
25th Reunion (1978)
Griswold's Inn, Anaheim
35th Reunion (1988) Griswold's Inn, Anaheim
30th Reunion (1983) Anaheim Hills Golf Club
40th Reunion (1993)
Brunch at Embassy Suites, Anaheim
(FUHS Centennial)
No Pictures
45th Reunion (1998) Brunch at Fullerton Old Masonic Temple
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50th Reunion (2003)
Friday night party
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Sat Campus Tour

Sat Banquet

More Banquet

Pow Wow 2001
Pow Wow 2002
Pow Wow 2003
Embassy Suites, Brea

STAAR 2003 (5 married couples of the class of '53 were Honorary Chairpersons)
Pow Wow 2000-Earl's site disabled
Pow Wow 2001-Earl's site disabled
Pow Wow 2002-Earl's site disabled
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Pow Wow 2004
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Fullerton, California
Pow Wow 2005
Pow Wow 2005
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Pow Wow 2006
Earl's Pow Wow 2006 pics.